2 Years on the Road !

Two years ago today, I began this journey.

I was going to say since I left home, but the last few years and this journey have taught me to question the notion of “home”.

It’s been two years since I left the city and country where I was born.

Because when it comes down to it, my home is planet earth.
My home is the world.
I’ve been able to feel at home in many different countries,
and towns.

I’ve also been lucky enough to meet people that felt like
and became my family with their warmth, love, friendship and support.

In the next few days I´ll share some reflections, but I just wanted to celebrate this anniversary with all of you who have allowed me to share this journey with you and have been encouraging me and showing me love.

Please subscribe to the blog if you haven´t and THANK YOU!    🙂

14 thoughts on “2 Years on the Road !

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    1. Mil gracias por tus palabras tan lindas, y apropiado…ya que TU fuiste una gran inspiración para mí!
      Seguro nos veremos de nuevo, espero que pronto mi hermano! abrazo gigante


  1. Felicitaciones! Te admiro muchisimo y continuas a ser una fuente mas de inspiracion para mi. Te deseo lo mejor siempre y que sigas aprendiendo y evolucionando bastante, como lo has hecho hasta ahora. Eres una gran persona!

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