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About this trip:
In March 2015 I left with a one-way ticket to start the trip I had always dreamed of. I haven’t gone back home since then and have spent this time exploring South East Asia, the Middle East and now Africa.

Currently I’m traveling Africa without using any flights. Down the East Coast of Africa to Cape Town (last time I took a flight was in Lebanon) and if possible up the West Coast all the way up to Morocco. On buses, trains, motorbikes, bicycles, by foot, etc!

Here is a Press Release with a good description of most of the trip:
PressRelease Jan2018


I am an optimist and full-time lover of life. I would like to see and experience as much of the world as possible. Meet as many people from all over and spread hugs, smiles and good energy.

I used to be a sustainability consultant, but now I work as a travel blogger and translator (for Spanish and English language texts), and I stop and work at a guesthouse or as a teacher (Spanish, English, Salsa, etc) to help pay for my trip. I absolutely love traveling and have wanted to take an extended trip for a long time. It’s been a dream of mine, and now I’m living it, and want to share the trip with others and encourage as many people as possible to chase and live their dreams! Thank you for sharing this trip with me!

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  1. Dear Alejandro, amazing adventure you are on! I was in “Burma” exactly 30 years ago riding in a back of a truck to see the country! Thanks for taking me back there! xoxo

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  2. hola Alejandro! I absolutely loved your photos from India, specially the ones from Munnar. It brought back great memories of when I was there a few months ago. I also love your courage and sense of adventure… great story about hitchhiking in Myanmar!
    Mis mejores deseos amigo! que sigas pasandola super bien!


  3. Alejandro enhorabuena por tu blog, me encanta, realmente engancha. La historia, fotos y vivencias en cada lugar, apasionante. Llevo años soñando con vivir una experiencia similar, quizás algún día!
    Good luck and Go on!! 😉

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