Month 14: More India

"Why would a guy who hates spiders choose to keep 11 in his bungalow bathroom? Did I make it to an Indian wedding? Did I not get woken up at my stop on the bus and find myself wandering a new city in the dark at 4am? For the answer to these, and more questions... Continue Reading →

Month 11: Hitch-hiking Myanmar

Hitchhiking in Myanmar was an amazing adventure that included getting rides from Buddhist monks, pops stars, military guys, television news anchors, drunken farmers and even managed to have an altercation with a drunk highway police officer....that said, lets first hear about how I entered the country and how I spent my first few days in... Continue Reading →

For the 2nd half and month of the cycling trip my friend and cycling partner Leila and I set our sights on the eastern side of Cambodia. More precisely Sen Monoroum, in the heart of Mondulkiri  (a region famous for its beauty and lush mountains and forests that make it a popular destination for trekking, etc.) which is around 350km... Continue Reading →

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