So after my first week in Jordan I wanted to share these 3 things I’ve learned!

1. The Dead Sea…isn’t a Sea!   and it’s the lowest point on Earth!
It´s a lake that is almost 10 times more salty than the ocean! So salty that plants and fish can´t live in, hence the name. And the mud surrounding its waters is famous for its curative properties.

Due to this salinity of around 35% it is very dense water that you float very easily in. You feel it is difficult to go under water, and people warn you not to put your head under water so guess what I did!? It was painful! I felt a very strong sting in my eyes!

Also, It is the lowest elevation on land at 430.5 meters (1,412 ft) below sea level!
Below some pictures.

2. These scarves often worn on the head of men in the Middle East are called,  keffiyeh or kufiya.  The red and white print is famous for Jordan is called a shemagh (pronounced: Shmah) and is a symbol of the countries identity. I’ve loved seeing men wearing this maintaining their customs and culture. Since Jordan has desert-like weather it provides protection from the sun and wind and cold at night.

3. To greet people in Jordan, they normally kiss 4 times

arab kiss

Picture from:

“In Jordan, you start with one kiss on the right cheek then 3 kisses on the left cheek. But these 3 kisses have to be separated by 1 second pauses. Sometimes people move their faces 1-2 cm away in that pause then move back in. ”

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