Essential Gear

There are a few things that I have found are essential for all trips, be it a long trip or a long weekend. 

Below is a list with examples of the gear that direct to Amazon, for convenience sake.

Travel towels that are compact, lightweight, and fast drying usually made of microfiber.
Hiking pants I recommend and swear by convertible pants as they are the most convenient.
Waterproof outer shell will keep you dry if weather changes suddenly, and also works as a windbreaker.
Head torch/flashlight is small and light and can be a life saver in dorms, hikes, or blackouts, etc
Camera I recommend mirrorless cameras like these as they are small and take amazing photos and videos.
Longsleeve shirts are great for sun protection as well as if you need something more elegant than a t-shirt.
Sunglasses (I recommend Polarized), and there are surprisingly affordable ones.
Baseball cap or hat for sun protection, I think breathable works best so it doesn’t get too hot
Sunblock as the sun can get strong and its best to not take risks.
Chapstick preferably with SPF sun protection  

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