After having been lucky enough to have completed a 4 year trip around the world of continuous travel, I wanted to share with you some tips with you on how to travel with little money!

While most people think you have to be economically rich to take a long trip it is not the case! I’ve learned that you can travel with little money. If you want luxury travel then you do need a lot of money to do a long trip with the luxury. If don’t need luxury and prefer to collect adventures I’ve found that traveling can be very affordable. Like myself, most of us have a dream of traveling the world… So, here are my tips on how to travel with little money so that you can do it too when you get the chance!

How to travel with little money A map of South East Asia
A beautiful and cheap to travel part of the world, South East Asia!                             

5. Pick an Affordable part of the World to Travel.

While you can find ways to travel for less anywhere around the world, especially with the tips below, certain places are cheaper to travel than others. For example, traveling in Europe is significantly more expensive than traveling in South East Asia. So a good place to start and practice traveling with less is an affordable destination and as you get good you can hone your skills in more expensive destinations.

How to travel with little money Picture of a driver of car in a turban in Egypt
When you’re in less of a hurry you have time for adventures!

4. Slow Down….

While it might sound contradictory as more days of traveling might require more money, when you slow down and don’t rush you can choose more affordable travel options.  An example is avoiding flights which are often the most costly expense of traveling.

For over a year now I’ve been traveling without flights and have been in 12 different countries without having to pay for a single flight. And the most expensive public transport ticket I bought was probably $30 USD. And for the more adventurous you can also hitchhike or travel by bicycle and avoid transportation costs. I’ve met several who travel this way and have done myself on some occasions.

Want More Tips and Content for Traveling for less?

How to travel with little money A picture of me sleeping on a couch during my travels
Me sleeping on a couch with Tako! I slept over a month on this lovely couch.

3. Avoid paying for Accommodation

Couchsurfing is such an amazing option. If you don’t know about it, it is a website where people help each other out by offering a couch or place for travelers to sleep FOR FREE. It is also an awesome opportunity to connect with the culture of where you are as you can have a host that can teach you about its culture, history, food, music, etc. A nice option with CouchSurfing is that you can search for hosts that can offer you a private room, etc! I do this often and rarely sleep on couches, but in my own room!

Airbnb, renting a room in this website is usually the same price or cheaper than a room in a guesthouse. And you have a kitchen to cook your own food which can save you lots of money.

Travel with a tent. You can either place your tent on someone’s backyard/property (ask before!), or at a guesthouse (it costs a fraction of staying in a room). In Africa where accommodation isn’t as cheap I’ve met many people who do this.

Look for work exchanges where you can work somewhere in exchange for accommodation and food.
A few websites for this are Workaway, and WOOF. And if you have something you can offer guesthouses or travel companies (such as your photography, videos, editing, blogging,  etc) you can contact them to propose an exchange of work for accommodation/tours/treks, etc. I’ve done this many times and had a lot of fun doing so.

2. Eat for Cheap

A picture of several dishes of cheap yummy food in Egypt
This feast cost around $2USD in Egypt

Your budget will also influence your eating options. Eating local food at simple food stalls/street food in most places in the developing world is usually around $1-2 USD or less. If you can also buy your food and cook them somewhere such as guesthouses or where you are staying (some guesthouses have kitchens you can use), you can also eat well for less (and eat exactly what you want!)

A coin symbolizing the cost of travels
Give yourself an allowance you’ll spend MUCH less

1. Give Yourself a Daily Budget

The best way to limit the amount of money you are spending is giving yourself a daily allowance.
The level of comfort you want will dictate how much you’ll spend, as will the part of the world you’ll go to. Some parts are way more affordable than others. For example, In Asia you can easily get budget accommodation for $5 USD a night, whereas in Africa it is closer to $10 a night.

I’ve given myself a $10 USD budget a day and have managed to live on it (average, as some days I spend less, others I spend more), and have found it to be manageable and also a great exercise and adventure
to find ways of getting by on this amount and have an amazing time doing so!

BONUS: Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

The less you spend, the longer you’ll be able to travel. Eventually you get good at avoiding spending money on things you don’t need. You might see things you’d like to buy, but if you can avoid shopping on your trip, you’ll have more money for travels! And wouldn’t you rather collect experiences than things!

Drinking is an easy way to spend money. I cut back dramatically on drinking to save money on my trip, and actually got used to it and it feels great to not feel a desire to drink to have a good time.
An alternative is buying your drinks of choice from shops at a fraction of the cost.

So there it is, my tips to you for How to Travel with Little Money! I hope you find them useful and go and travel soon and reap the benefits from them on your adventures!


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  2. The level of comfort you want will dictat e how much you’ll spend, as will the part of the world you’ll go to.

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