Here is your Oaxaca Travel Guide. Clearly it is a big state with amazing places to offer, but here are my top 5.
This Mexican states is brimming with beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, tasty cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. In this comprehensive Oaxaca Travel Guide, we will explore five must-visit destinations, each offering a unique tapestry of experiences.

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Oaxaca de Juárez, the Capital

Our journey begins in the heart of it all – Oaxaca de Juárez also known as Oaxaca City. Immerse yourself in the colonial charm of its historic center, adorned with colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. Guelaguetza Festival: On the last two Mondays of July, los ‘Lunes del Cerro’ or ‘Mondays of the Hill,’ the entire city hosts the spectacular ‘Guelaguetza Festival´ and is a stunning display of the local culture.

What to Do

Explore the famed Zócalo, visit the Santo Domingo Church, and indulge in the diverse culinary delights that make Oaxaca a food lover’s paradise.  Eat Tlayudas (a local delicacy) at the Comedor Tipico La Abuelita.
Try the Cacao or chocolate either hot or cold at Mayordomo.  You can also visit the Monte Alban archeological site near the capital.

Where to Stay

El Cielo Oaxaca is a great centrally located place to meet other travelers, and has an awesome swimming pool.

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Puerto Escondido

Venture to the Pacific coast and discover the laid-back allure of Puerto Escondido. This surfers’ haven boasts pristine beaches, big waves, and a relaxed atmosphere. While it has a bit of a party atmosphere, it can also be a place to explore different beaches like .

What to Do

Explore many of the different beaches such as Carrizalillo and Playa Coral which are less visited and worth checking out. Mirador Las Tortugas between these two beaches is a great place to see the sunset. “La Punta” in the neighborhood of Zicatela is a cool area with lots of restaurants, bars and where most people hang out.

Where to stay? Two good options for accommodation are the centrally located La Escondida H near the central market in town, or Nomad Beach House by the water of the Bahía Principal that is also within walking distance of downtown Puerto Escondido.

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For an off-the-beaten-path experience, head to Chacahua, a hidden gem where nature takes center stage. Marvel at the lagoon’s mangrove forests, home to diverse wildlife. Chacahua offers tranquility, birdwatching, and a glimpse into the authentic coastal life of Oaxaca. It is a quiet and charming beach inlet famous among surfers. It´s a great place to learn or practice with much more mellow waves than in Puerto Escondido.

What to Do

Surfing is the main activity in Chacahua (you can rent boards or get lessons). It is also a perfect place to take it very slow and read a book in a hammock. It is so quiet in Chacahua that year round you can find turtles coming to leave their eggs. The peak season is October through March. You can also see bioluminescence in the lagoon which is beautiful.

Where to Stay

Three great options for accommodation are Hospedaje Rojo Amanecer(they also rent surfboards and offer lessons) and Terra Tipi right in front of one of the surf spots, and the nicer and quiter boutique hotel Casa Gitana  is lovely.

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Mazunte and Zipolite

Embark on a journey to Mazunte and Zipolite, where the rhythm of the Pacific Ocean sets the pace. Mazunte is renowned for its marine turtle conservation efforts, while Zipolite invites you to unwind on its nudist-friendly beach. Experience the bohemian charm, vibrant sunsets, and the natural beauty of these coastal wonders.

What to Do

Depending on which of these two you stay in, a good activity is taking a day trip to the other.
Mazunte has great yoga and meditation classes at Casa Om. The can´t be missed activity of Mazunte is going to see the sunset at Punta Cometa. The can´t be missed activity in Zipolite is going to the nude beach. While you don’t have to be naked to go, I highly recommend it! It is such a freeing and liberating experience that it is worth it.

San José del Pacifico

Elevate your Oaxacan adventure to new heights in San José del Pacifico. Nestled in the mountains, this mystical destination offers stunning vistas and a tranquil atmosphere. Explore cloud forests, experience local mysticism, and savor moments of reflection high above the Pacific coastline. (Please note I didn´t make it to San José del Pacifico so I this information is based on research).

What to Do

The most popular activity to do in San José seems to be to try the psychodelic mushrooms. However, the cool weather of the mountains also makes for a great place for hiking and exploring.

Before you Go

Before embarking on your Oaxacan journey, consider the best time to visit, transportation options, and local tips. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, beach lover, or nature explorer, Oaxaca has something for every traveler.
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In Conclusion

As we conclude this Oaxaca Travel Guide and our exploration of Oaxaca’s diverse destinations, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Don’t forget to explore more of our Mexico travel guides. Start planning your Oaxacan adventure today and unlock the secrets of this captivating Mexican state.

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