Adventures on the Kenyan Coast

The Coast of Kenya was one of the more pleasant surprises of my journey. I never imagined Kenya, a country we normally only hear about for Safaris (O.K. and long distance runners), to have such an amazing coast. It has pristine white sand beaches  Caribbean -esque colored waters and even Zanzibar-esque Swahili cultures. To get... Continue Reading →

Maasai Mara Safari in Kenya

The Maasaai Mara National Reserve is something most of us (especially those of us in love with Nature channels and shows) have heard of as a beautiful national park and territory in Kenya full of animals and stunning beauty and I was lucky enough to be able to go visit it for 3 days and had... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: 10 Interesting Things

I recently spent 6 weeks traveling in Ethiopia and had an amazing experience there and wanted to share these 10 things about the country that I think are very interesting and most of us don't know. 10. They have their own calendar and time! Due to the beliefs of its own Christian Orthodox Church, their... Continue Reading →

The Lower Omo Valley of Ethiopia

The Lower/Southern Omo Valley, is an area in the Southwest of Ethiopia. It is an area that is famous for it’s being home to over 50 different tribes, some of which with very interesting customs and cultures and beautiful landscapes. It is a large dry savanna that goes down to the border with Kenya and... Continue Reading →

Trekking the amazing Simien Mountains of Ethiopia

Trekking in The Simien Mountains (also Semien) in the North of Ethiopia is a spectacular experience.Their absolute beauty earned them to be named a Unesco World Heritage Site. They are big dramatic looking mountains that are the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. Exploring the park you see the amazing mountains, cliffs, really long waterfalls,  the... Continue Reading →

Sudan: Month 33

The border crossing by land from Egypt to Sudan is done either by boat once a week, or now by bus that also has about an hour ferry ride across the Nasser lake, which is beautiful.  Buses leave very early in the morning 5 or 6am  from Aswan (Egypt), to the border and crosses into... Continue Reading →

Egypt: Months 30, 31, 32

I arrived in Egypt by crossing the Israeli border by land into the eastern part of Egypt called the Sinaí peninsula. I first went to a place called Ras Al Shaitan which is a string of hotels and guesthouses and restaurants along a stretch of beach on the Red Sea. It is a VERY calm... Continue Reading →

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