The name of this blog hopes to encourage others to seek out their dreams. For many years I dreamed of taking a trip like the one I am on. There will always be excuses for us to not chase our dreams, but we owe it to ourselves to do everything we can to fulfill them, and be happy.

Below is an image of BECOME YOUR DREAM, written in chalk on a New York City street, by street artist, De La Vega. I grew up in New York City and loved the messages this artist would leave around town, like this one inspiring others. One of my dreams is to make a positive influence on other people and the world, and maybe this blog can even do that, so here goes!

become your dream



  1. Alejo I am so happy to follow your adventures, this time not in one of your many books but in a living blog with your awesome pictures and stories! Dream on, travel on.

    • Ana Banana! delighted to have you following the adventures! hahaha hopefully it will become one of my next books! much much love!

  2. Hilarious Peck! I knew we’d be in for a classic starting day 1. Keep the amazing stories coming. Be safe man!

    • thanks my man…you better than most, know me in my best and worst for traveling! much love

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