The following are articles and news stories about my photo exhibits and travels:

Story that aired on RTVE in Spain on May 5, 2020:

Newspapers and Magazines:
Recent photo exhibit in NYC: (Spanish)

Article written by CouchSurfing  (English):
CouchSurfing Article

Article in Colombia’s biggest newspaper, El Espectador:(Spanish)

Press Release about my travels and photography:
PressRelease (click here English)

Article about my Bogotá photo exhibit in Colombia’s biggest magazine, Semana: (Spanish)

Radio Interview on RNE, the national Radio station of Spain about my travels and photography (Spanish)

Radio Interview on biggest Radio station Caracol about my NYC photo exhibit:
The interview is in Spanish:

Radio Interview about my trip on biggest Radio station Caracol:
The interview is in Spanish:

Radio Interview on the Sanamente Show, on Caracol Radio:
The interview is in Spanish:

Video description of my trip:

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