I was about to start telling you about my experiences on the first 2 weeks of this trip in the Philippines, but…

It occurs to me that I have not been very clear about my trip and the idea, and many of you have asked me, so here is a quick recap:

During the last 10 years or so, my love of traveling and specifically backpacking has grown exponentially and I have discovered it is my passion.

After some extensive traveling around Colombia and South America, and Europe and some Asia the last few years, where the longest trip
I had was one month to travel and often felt I never had enough time and felt too rushed, I began dreaming of one day being able to take an extended trip.

This dreaming and planning (those who know me, know I’m not much of a planner!) progressed with me working very hard and saving as much money as I could and not buying things like cars and properties, and arranging to be able to work a bit during my travels (translation work, work in hostels,
teaching English, etc…)

Since I’m not much of a planner, and more of a doer, I got myself a one-way ticket to the Philippines and an idea of what wanted to do…

Which is hopefully visit the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, the south of Thailand and Laos (I visited the north of these two countries in 2011), Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal and India….and if I make it to this point, I will see if it is time to go back to Colombia, or to possibly see some Middle-East and Africa!

How long am I planning on traveling? Well, after speaking to many backpackers throughout the years about how much was enough, when it was too much, when they “burned out” or got tired and wanted to go back, I came to this conclusion… it will obviously depend on the health of my mind, body, soul and finances…but it’s safe to say it will between 3 months and 3 years 😉

The idea of this blog is a way for me to both keep people informed on my trip, and give me a reason to write more about my trip and hopefully this will allow others to be able to see images and read stories about other parts of the world. A few fellow-backpacker friends throughout the years have both taught me and influenced me and I remember thoroughly enjoying seeing images and reading stories of my friends adventures. At the time I believed that through their blogs I was being transported away from my cubicle and computer screen to exotic parts of the world, and I was vicariously living through them.

I know how incredibly lucky I am to be doing this trip, and I know most people like me dream of doing this trip, but never get the chance. So if I can somehow let others see some images and learn a little bit, I will be thrilled. This seems ambitious, but if I can accomplish this for you, it would be an honor for me and would make the trip even more fulfilling. Thanks for being a part of it 🙂



  1. Claudia Granja Reply

    Eres un valiente y un berraco por tener la agallas y la decisión de vivir tu sueño!! Que disfrutes, crezcas, aprendas y vivas muchas experiencias! Sean buenas regulares o malas serán tuyas y serán parte de ese gran sueño!!!
    La conquista del mundo será tu conquista personal! What a trip!!! Te aplaudo y leeré tus experiencias con entusiasmo y admiración!

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