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Online and In-person Language Lessons
I am a CELTA Certified English teacher and can give you Skype Lessons, or use the same methodology for Spanish lessons.

Classes and Translations (click here)

For translation of material from English to Spanish /Spanish to English
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Description in English: Alejandro Turbay Translations

Description in Spanish: Traducciones Alejandro Turbay

Talks, Conferences, Workshops
I am a professional speaker who offers talks about different topics such as:
Entrepreneurship, empowerment, life experiences, facing your fears, how to travel with little, and happiness.
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Link to a video summary of a speaking engagement I did with SURA, the biggest Insurance company in Colombia
It has been viewed more than 120,000 times

I have been a speaker for clients such as: SURA, Davivienda, Productora Semana, Epico Global, etc
For additional information: alexturbay

I am a professional photographer who has had exhibitions in: Bogotá, Kuwait, and soon NYC.

I am also available to take photos of you and offer you my photographs.
To see an example of my work you can see the photos on this blog or here:

Marketing and Promotion of your Brand/Organization:
I can promote your brand and organization as a brand ambassador and content creator.

Travel Consultations
As I’ve been lucky enough to visit more than 60 countries around the globe and have spent months at a time exploring countries I can give you excellent recommendations to help you plan your trips.

I can also serve as a guide or professional travel companion for you and your friends.