Discover the heart of Mexico in Querétaro, where history, landscapes, and culture intertwine seamlessly. From the allure of Santiago de Querétaro to Bernal’s natural charm, the breathtaking beauty of Sierra Gorda, the majestic Picos de Yospi, and the rich traditions of Amealco, these destinations offer diverse attractions. Join us on an exhilarating journey as we explore the captivating beauty and unique charm of Querétaro’s must-visit spots.
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Santiago de Querétaro

A Historical Gem Steeped in history and culture, Santiago de Querétaro, the capital, boasts UNESCO’s historic center—a living testimony to its colonial past. Cobblestone streets, colonial buildings, intricate facades, and ornate balconies define the city’s character. The iconic aqueduct, a marvel of architecture, stands as a symbol of innovation. Dive into local life, explore bustling markets, savor authentic cuisine, and uncover stories within centuries-old churches and plazas. Don´t miss the beautiful and historic murals inside the Palacio de Gobierno. It is also known as La Casa de la Corregidora located at the beautiful Plaza de Armas. Recommended Hotel: Casa Once

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Where Magic Meets Nature Discover the timeless allure of Bernal, a town dominated by the towering Peña de Bernal monolith, among the world’s tallest. Ascend the rocky trail to the summit for panoramic views of the charming town and its surroundings. Streets are lined with vibrantly painted houses, charming shops, and local artisans offering meticulously handcrafted treasures. Twilight transforms Bernal into an enchanting oasis, where warm lights create an ambiance that captures the essence of the place.  An interesting stop is also the Centro Artesanal La Aurora. Check out their artesans at work in the back. Recommended Restaurant: El Mezquite

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Jalpan de Serra

A Natural Oasis Embark on a journey into Sierra Gorda, a sanctuary teeming with biodiversity and natural splendor. Jalpan de Serra and Pinal de Amoles offer unique windows into the region’s rich culture and traditions. The UNESCO-listed Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve boasts lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and a diverse array of wildlife. Trails wind through this pristine landscape, leading to hidden marvels like awe-inspiring cave formations and crystalline pools, allowing a deep connection with nature. Recommended Hotel: Casita Bugambilia.
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Embrace traditions on your Querétaro sojourn in the charming town of Amealco, where traditions thrive. Known for vibrant markets, Amealco offers artisanal crafts, textiles, and traditional attire reflecting rich cultural heritage. As you traverse the town, embrace locals’ warmth and community spirit, hallmarks of Mexican culture. A visit to Amealco is not complete without visiting the fun and unique Museo de la Muñeca Artesanal, or Artesanal Doll Museum. Immerse yourself in local culture through workshops imparting time-honored crafting techniques. Create a vibrant Lele doll, a representation of Mexican artistry with Dyxai Medecina Antigua. They also offer ancestral medicine workshops.  Recommended Hotel: Rancho el Ameyal

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Picos de Yospi

Majestic Peaks and Tranquility For the intrepid souls seeking elevated perspectives, Picos de Yospi beckon. Enveloped in local mysticism, these majestic peaks offer scenic beauty and tranquility. Traverse vibrant vegetation, cross babbling streams—season permitting—and ascend to heights unveiling sweeping vistas of Querétaro’s diverse landscapes. Engaging indigenous guides enrich the experience, providing deeper insight into cultural and natural significance. Recommended Tour Company: Los Nietos de Amealco

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Pinal de Amoles

If you want to escape the heat or just need some beautiful nature Pinal de Amoles is for you. This hilltop town in the Sierra Gorda offers cool weather, beautiful views and much more. This historic mining town has a few gems for nature and adventure lovers.  Don´t miss the Puente de Dios or the Chuveje Waterfall. Perhaps the main reason for visiting this town for many is seeing a sunrise at Cuatro Palos. If you are lucky you will get treated to a “sea of clouds beneath you as you see a legendary sunrise.  Make a stop at the Museo Comunitario to learn more about the towns history and culture. You can even see the surreal creatures that are Axolotl in a tank here.
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The state of Querétaro in Mexico holds an undiscovered treasure trove of exploration.  Where history, nature, and culture intertwine harmoniously. From Santiago de Querétaro’s historical grandeur to Bernal’s enchanting allure, Sierra Gorda’s natural marvels in Jalpan de Serra and Pinal de Amoles, Picos de Yospi’s exhilarating heights, and Amealco’s cultural riches, each destination crafts a unique and vibrant chapter. Whether a history buff, nature enthusiast, adventurous traveler, or culture devotee, Querétaro promises an unforgettable expedition filled with beauty, discovery, and the genuine warmth of Mexican hospitality. Let Querétaro’s enchanting landscapes, captivating architecture, and warm-hearted locals leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

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